Satisfied Violence

by Bearstronaut

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released June 18, 2011

Written and performed by Bearstronaut
Engineered by Philip Boisvert and Paul Lamontagne
Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East, Cambridge MA
Additional vocals on Track 1 and 4 by Brittni Liyanage
Saxophone on Track 2 by Cam Wharram
Copyright© 2011, Bearstronaut. All Rights Reserved


all rights reserved



Bearstronaut Boston, Massachusetts

dance music is a loose term.

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Track Name: Moniker
keep your heart
when the colors are thin
yes, we move
to break the fever
and no, they're not your friends
those ones
out there

Oh how it burns
the deeper it is
tip of the tongue
and its under your skin
maybe its true
the longer we hear that sound

Slow your heart
as it falls upon you
quiet down
in those empty rooms
my eyes still close at night
when meeting your others
and I can't find you there

We're gonna stoke the heat
till its too much to bear
wring out the secrets
in the locks of your hair
I keep my women near
and my girls close
just tryin to act like a young mans supposed to
Track Name: Roger Was a Dancer
A punishing blow
from the gallery
just enough
to keep him off his feet
silent applause
from the wooden floor
the kind of healing
he won’t find anymore
between the faces
that crowd these streets
begging for love
as he falls to his knees

Silence the voices
once and for all
Summon protection
before you fall apart

Found a new start
in a guilty cabaret
as an extra man
with professional taste
a charming way to stay on the scene
his diamond feathers aren’t
what they used to be
a charming way to stay on the scene
his diamond feathers aren’t
what they used to be

Silence the voices
once and for all
summon protection
before you fall apart

How will you survive
the sin of the night?
Track Name: No Reunion
I want that cold morning again
a tired breath
I kept and when
that body left its print here
just a memory from this time
last year

we spoke a similar language
for physical conversation
another one
of your broken men
the touch of that salty tongue
opened up my wound
please don’t wake up there
you took me back far too soon

forgive me please
I know not what I do
but there are times when
she’ll always look like you
that body left its print here
that body left its print here

I’ve been planting your flowers
and painting your nails red
talking to friends and family
with all the empty things
they’ve said
what we had in the evening
when I touch your cold skin
they want to know who you
write to
with that sadly placed pen
another one of your broken men
Track Name: Sensual Sanctuary
when the roads turned up
I didn’t see you
your body was awful and mangled
across the lanes that were carefully tangled
looking for the house where
they keep the deaf man sleeping
in a bed made up by villains and thieves
breathing the air that no one believes
so we can stay here
until they break out the sirens
the dogs are hunting for
some satisfied violence

sensual sanctuary
breathe in your love
sensual sanctuary
breathe in your love

fear not my children
for theres a place we have found
yes I’ve seen its power
and with a soft caress
it will lay you down
don’t rely on your español
at the doors of those you trust
the glass teeth of your mistress
laced in dust

I’ve been had and cheated
all over this world
every time I saw a pleasure filled shelter
I was pushed and pulled
by a fraudulent force
and I might not have kept my mouth shut
but I never fell to their feet
and if there’s one thing that I know
it might be this
I do declare!
they built me up
they made me new
they held me close
and they shared the news
about a very special place for everyone of us
where there’s no need for please and thank you
there there’s always a little room for
Track Name: Shannon
What did you do with my delicate hips
When you spoke from those bubblin' lips
Misunderstood your subtle behavior
Know all about your monetary favors
Lets take some time to get buried in the light
Cause no one wants to be home alone at midnight
I found your number in the nosebleed line
But lost your face while we were tracking the time

I want someone like you
I want someone like you, to use

How will I know to handle with care
Waking up to a poorly placed nightmare
We sweat it out to those tired selections
As you sketch my French appendages
We shaking in our sunday best
Quietly smoking from our empty chests
She said "decorate the lover, that you see fits best
Leave'em after dinner when they're over dressed"

I want someone like you
I want someone like you, to use
But, what do I love you for?

The city paints a cloudy face and I remember the numbers that spelled your name

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